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Re: Please delete my account....

I'll join Maia. Please delete my account.

When I first joined the board, I learned a bunch from the informative threads. I was so impressed that I encouraged friends and family to sign on or spend time soaking it all in. However, it seems that the quality and maturity level of the threads and posts created in the past year or two has...declined. Many of the "old school" authors and posters have left or do not post as often. We've all suffered as a result. Furthermore, I am embarrassed when the same people I told about the site ask me about the childish "Seen at the globo thread" rather than some nugget of information about fitness or nutrition.

Most recently, the lack of leadership on the firing of Robb Wolf, the "departure" of Rip, and the haphazard programming of the main page workouts has me both confused and angry. After all, isn't this the website where we hit workouts hard for three days and then debate "brave" topics on the fourth? The censorship of threads and the lack of explanation shows just the opposite: cowardice. The fanboys and girls who posted in the threads that were closed remind me of a scene from The Kentucky Fried Movie. Anyhow, I realize that I won't be missed, as I am a lurker here. However, I take with me my limited $ which is a small piece of the fuel in the market. May the cream rise to the top.

I will miss the few PM friends I've made along the way. I wish you the best and look forward to future meetings elsewhere.

Train hard and use your head.
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