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Re: Why 100 pushups?

Originally Posted by Blair Robert Lowe View Post
100 pushups in a row is one step towards getting the Gold shirt for the Presidential fitness program in HS, I think.

Oh, wait it isn't. W/F safe

Man, I remember the standards being a lot tougher. I could nearly hit that now. Unsure about DHPU ( prob around 10 ) and mile time and I'm squishy.
Wow- I just looked at those standards as they would have applied to me as a woman. Way to go and tell girls that guys are stronger and girls are more flexible. Is there a reason guys can do more crunches than girls in a minute? I think these standards are wayyy too relaxed. The presidential award is supposed to be for the top 85 percentile and honestly, looking at the standards, I think that almost anyone who was willing to grit their teeth a little and I don't know... try?... would be able to achieve that award. Let alone the other two.

I get being encouraging, but come on. This is like telling the athletes that really deserve this award, they're too good and should stop trying so hard.
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