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I need you to guess what I weigh. (Pic)

Hello! I'm new here. This isn't quite a testimonial, but I wasn't sure where else to post. I've been crossfitting for about four months now. Did about 4 years of traditional bb type routine before this.

I love crossfit. I love where it's taken my body (not to mention my overall performance and health), but the number on the scale doesn't always sit right with me. I've dropped a good chunk of weight since I started, but I'm not trying to loose weight. It's just shedding off me. I was always skinny before I started hitting the gym, and up was the only place I wanted to go. Since starting crossfit, I've realized weight isn't quite so important compared to your performance, but it still shocks me when I look down at a smaller number every week. So... I know this seems superficial and I'm sorry this pic is so myspacetastic, but I would really appreciate your honest guess at what I weigh. I'm curious if perception lines up with the scale.

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