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Re: STEEL, Not Bumpers --> OLY Plates vs. Deep Dish OLY Plates

Deep dish is better.

They have a taller lip so generally they are easier to pickup with your fingers and load onto the bar.

Think of a bumper plate, its very flat, almost no lip at all.

Some metal plates have a lip around the edge where you grab, this is what makes them deep-dish (ie not flat)

Deep dish are a bit thicker - due to the taller lip. This probably wont matter unless you deadlift (for example) 900lbs where you have to cram every last 45plate on the bar.

(But special longer bars are available for this reason.)

Deep dish can also be called "wide-flange"

Pic safe of a Hamton plate deep dish. It has taller/deeper rim part:

Pic safe of a regular plate (not as tall of a lip, edge/lip is shorter and flatter):

Pic safe of a bumper with no lip (or a very shallow lip / not deep):
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