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Green beans are fine and considered to be paleo by Cordain, although some other proponents of paleo do not consider them to be okay. Dried beans and peas (legumes) are considered to be non-paleo. The main problems with these foods, according to Cordain, are 1) the glycemic load (higher density carbohydrate) is high; 2) lectins, which act as anti-nutrients and bind minerals such as magnesium, calcium, etc., making them unusable by the body; 3)the acid/alkaline balance. Legumes contribute to a net acidosis in the body (causing inflammation), although they generally aren't as problematic in this respect as grains, dairy and animal proteins.

From what I've read of the phyto-estrogen in soy, the biggest problem is from heavy consumers of soy, especially processed soy. I'm not a woman, but I would certainly avoid soy altogether if I had a family history of cancer. If strictly paleo, avoid all soy.

Hope this helps.
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