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I'm not following a specific diet to the letter, but from looking at the posts here, it seems I'm eating more or less a Paleo/Zone-type diet at the moment (mostly fruit, veg and meat - no grains or other starchy carbs currently).

I still feel a bit weak (especially in the morning before breakfast) but largely feel good on it. I've had poor skin most of my life (fortunately not the sort of acne that scars, but I've suffered breakouts for about 30 years now) and suddenly my skin looks so much better. I don't have to put thick foundation on and use concealers every morning!

So, although I will have the odd cheat meal (I'm human and I take great pleasure in food), this is what I'll be sticking with for the long term.

One thing I'm not clear on is where things like beans and peas fit in. I generally have a salad of green (string) beans and edamame beans at lunchtime with chicken, and I'll have some peas in the evening along with the mountain of other veggies I eat then. I also like things like kidney beans and chickpeas though I don't eat them often. Are these good or should I be avoiding them? (I know there's talk about the oestrogenic properties of soy but as a woman, should I be concerned?)
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