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Jonathan Dilgen
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Re: Jonathan's Crossfit progression


Rest/travel day


10k 50:14 May have injured my right knee a bit, hamstrings and calves have been ridiculously tight since


5 min on stationary bike and 1 walking lap around track, knee felt iffy so I decided against squats.

Deadlifts (probably not the best idea) 1x8 45#, 1x5 135#, 3x5 185# (felt pretty heavy, not surprising after the 10k the day before)

Shoulder Press: 1x5 22.5# dumbbells, 1x5 45#, 1x5 65#, 1x5 85#, 2x5 95# last set was mostly push-presses

Dead hang Pull-ups: 1x7 wide grip, 1x5 neutral grip, 1x5 chin-ups
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