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The warmup is supposed to get the blood pumping so it's got to be at least a little strenuous (reflexively)... however if it's destroying your performance then obviously you need to fix that!

You will note that in the CFJ issue (and FAQ entry) where the rationale for the CFWU is discussed, Coach makes a note that when a WOD calls for eg. pullups or dips, it is sensible to omit those from the CFWU. I know I do!

As someone else said, the warmup is a great time to practice skills, eg. dynamic pulls to muscle-ups, or glute-ham raises, or kip-ups. I am focused now on ballistic/explosive movements and rounding out my gymnastic skills, so I tailored my personal version of the CFWU to emphasize movement choices that reflect this -- instead of GHD situps, I give myself the option of working on kip-ups; instead of pullups, I'll try three to five explosive pulls where I attempt to transition to a support. And so on.

Dan John probably got the idea from Dan Gable, one of the greatest American wrestlers who ever lived. "If it's important, do it every day; if it's not important, don't do it at all." So if I may be so bold, I would suggest that you make your warmup conducive to reaching your most important goals, and reduce or omit anything that gets in the way.

If your goal is to perform well and continuously improve in the WODs, then reduce your warmup volume (or utilize assistance, or scale the movements) to support this. Scaling down the WOD makes sense if you can't complete it any other way, but if it's your warmup that's ruining your performance, then the warmup needs to be tweaked. There are a lot of variations on the CFWU theme, with some exploring I'll bet you can assemble one that works best for you, at this point in time. You can always go back to full-volume canonical CFWUs later on if it feels right, but if you don't have a truthful yardstick to measure your progress by (eg. WODs where you can push yourself to the limit), that can be discouraging.

ps. You do get enough sleep right?

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