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Re: Question about adding gymnastics hold to SS/Metcon

Originally Posted by Mirza Besic View Post
I'm currently wondering if its possible to combine a hold such as Planche or Front Lever to training OLY lifts / deadlift / squat and various scaled metcon workouts mainly utilizing rings.

I was thinking something along the lines of a 30 second hold added to the beggining of the workout. Followed by 1 power lift, 2 oly lifts and then a short metcon on rings. Split SS style, 3/week a/b/a week one and b/a/b week two with workout A being push intensive and workout B pull intensive.

Would something like this work?
you seem to have a pretty good understanding of programming. my advice to you is to stop second guessing yourself and just workout. make adjustments to your routine as needed and dont get stuck doing the same thing for too long.
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