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So I'm in the gym today trying to do squats. I learned to squat from a coach that teaches O-lifts, and I like to hang around here, so naturally I like to squat as deep as I can. Well there's this old guy in a smith machine next to me staring at me. After I finish my set he starts talking to me.

Old guy: Do you know what your meniscus is?

Me: *ugh. Here it comes. Why can't you just leave me alone* "Yes. It's in your knee."

Old guy: "You know that if you squat anywhere below 90 degrees you'll tear it. And once it's gone you can't fix it!"

Me: *why me?* "Really? You know I've actually read before that stopping at 90 can cause a lot of extra torque on your knees and doing full squats is actually safer."

Old guy: " do what you want, but I've never read one anatomical or physiological study that points to squating above 90 to be dangerous But being in the rehab field I've seen it too many times where guys have torn their meniscus squatting deep. You keep doing that and you WILL tear it! And once it's torn that's it. It can't be fixed!!"

Me: *what a ! probably doesn't even do squats!! what about olympic lifters? they squat full! i've seen o-lifters in their 60s that are still healthy and flexible!!!* "Okay thanks"

And then I finished my sets (full). Now the stuff in between the stars is what I was thinking and the stuff in between the quotes is what I actually said. There was a lot of points I would have brought up to him but 1) I just wanted to finish my workout and 2) While I actually have read information about full squats being better on the knees I didn't retain enough of the information in them to back up my points to this guy. I never really bothered to remember the specifics because I believe in deep squatting and I don't really need to convince myself that it's good. Now, however, I want to know specifics. Can anyone point me to some good studies that you know of that show why stopping at parallel while squatting is a bad idea? Or why doing full squats is a good idea?
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