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Re: Strength gains

Well its hard to say. Again, I'd need to know alot more to disagnose your stalling. But at some point you will need to either

A) Strictly follow an online program
B) Strictly follow a coached online program
B) Join a CF box with good strength coaches and programming, many don't have this. or
C) Read quite a few books and make alot of mistakes.

Unless you're super keen to get educated, and then use yourself as a lab rat I dont recommend the later and following an online program has its pitfalls as well re: post novice gains.

The two options I recommend is either, find a strength coach who will let you ask him questions as you train following an online program, (there are some paid online / cyber coached programs out there, that can be cheaper than belonging to a box, but not alot cheaper) or better yet, begin to attend a box with excellent post novice programming.

Basically, most lifters tend to start to hit all kinds of problems once they get into the post novice phase, many are easy to fix, for an experianced coach, but for a newbie you can spend months in the long grass.


You could always by Starting Strength, read it and try for a full strength reset, including getting rid of most ofyour MetCon for maybe 2-3 months, to squeeze out as much novice gains as possible. Not a bad idea, but again, depends on what's causing your stall. Sounds like recovery may be an issue, due to the new sprogling.

Also on Olympic lifts, get GOOD coaching, get GOOD coaching, get GOOD coaching.
I said it three times, cos there really is no way of getting good at O-lifts by yourself, you;ve likely already progammed yourself with a bunch of poor tech issues. And for post novice guys, my opinon is you can;t do it via cyber, it's got to be in person.

Basically if you want to take your DL to 450+ and your BS to 400+, those gains are serious enough to need a GOOD strength coach in person. Depends on the resources (money) you want to invest. If money is tight there are creative solutions we can discuss, but they will generally give a lesser return.



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