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Re: full body rehabilitation program?

Originally Posted by Jason A Smith View Post
You are 18. You are not over trained, I doubt that is possible. When I was that age I could train for hours on end at my sport, play 3 hours of basketball, drink until 3 am and do it all again the next day.

If your numbers are going up, carry on and enjoy this. It won't last forever. A 6 month full body rehab is a waste of time.
Wrong! You have all the classic symptoms of true over training. Being 18 is what allowed you to go hard enough, long enough to get in this condition. The only other time I have truly seen it was in a 21 year old who was doing 2 a days + long runs. He had the same symptoms.

First you have to get your body out of the over trained condition. Stop all training activities. A little movement is fine. Swimming, walking and yoga. All low impact. Eat clean and balanced meals. Your body needs fuel to repair the damage you have done. Sleep 8 or more hours a night. This may take some time to accomplish. It will also be one of the best signs you are recovering. When you can sleep 8 or more hours without waking up for a week straight then you can begin training again. The aches and pains should go away. Anything that doesn't clear up might be a true injury. Continue to rest the body part in question and seek medical help if it doesn't improve.

I wouldn't be surprised if you could accomplish this in as little as 3 to 6 weeks. Again that 18 year old body that got you in trouble can also fix itself quickly if you give it a chance.

The good news is if you were making gains while over trained you can make even better gains if you give your body the recovery it needs. Training is simply stress and recovery. Have to have both.

CFNE Competitor Program is fine with no extra work, good nutrition, mobility work, sleep and taking the scheduled rest days.
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