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Re: full body rehabilitation program?

Well, looking through some of your old posts, I have to admit I am not surprised. How did your actual schedule look like?

However, I think there is something good about it. You went all the way to this dark place called overtraining, realised what you did and decided to get back out of it. This (the last two steps) is something many people are not capable of. You learned your lesson. Get out of it, and never come back.

As for your recovery, I think Chris Mason did put an article on this board some time ago about overtraining. However, the only one I could find was this one (wfs). Hope he reads this and can tell us where to find it.
Other things I would suggest is doing a lot of MWOD stuff. This can replace some workouts. By the way, it sometimes sucks even more than actual workouts (Fran is nothing compared to a banded Couch Stretch with the front foot on a 20 kg plate)

Something else I can suggest is to follow the program Pavel Tsatsouline described in his book "Super Joints". Get a copy. Do not overdo it at first. I personally do one of those programs every morning for 30 min while watching the Daily MWOD and a news show. I break a sweat, but it will not bother me for the rest of the day.
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