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Re: full body rehabilitation program?

i think its more of what i didnt do :/ i was following the cfne programming as well as doing extre stuff like running and just wanting to train all the time . I wasnt really taking rest days or applying any recovery techniques such as ice baths or contrast showers. I was doing minimal mobility and streching i was pretty careless i have to say. i pushed through injuries and trained through pain :S i was alwayys really tight but i always just pushed myself

as for symptoms
i am fatigued all the time
always sleepy which ties to the above
but cant really sleep(insomnia) 2hich is crazy bec of both the above
i think i get sick alot (normal cold)
muscle sorness that doesnt seem to want to go away
muscle knots
injury prone through the roof(suddenly all my joints hurt and i think its tendinits)

amazingly though my numbers are still progressing pretty well ??

so its pretty bad and im really ashamed i let it go this far but im willing to give it all the time it needs to recover
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