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Re: comprehensive barbell list 2015

Originally Posted by Drew Cloutier View Post
How aggressive is it really (the centre knurl) i mean is it comparible to a werksan bar? a TPB? just because I find it easier to compare something like that than saying just its really aggressive. I find it misleading a bit since one person will say OMG its a cheese grater...then i'll grab it and be like...damn this is actually mild..
I agree. I have had the Klokov bar for about 3-4 months, and it's the first bar with a center knurl that I've had. I actually like it. I do think it's slightly more aggressive than the rest of the knurl on the bar, for some reason, but if anything it helps me. It does seem to help the bar "stick" better during squats and I have never had any kind of issue with it being irritating during cleans.

Like others have said, YMMV, but I can't see how the small amount of knurling on the center can cause that much of a big-deal.

I will probably look specifically for center knurling in future bars, just because of the Klokov bar.
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