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Re: 2015 CrossFit Open, Regionals, and Games Thread

Originally Posted by Jeremy Schultz View Post
In last year's Regionals event that required "squat cleans", they specifically mentioned that a Power Clean followed by a Front Squat was allowed, so why would a Deadlift/Hang Clean variant in the Open be more strict than that? Especially without specifically ruling it out in the standards?

In the end, I doubt many people are going to go that route, so it's probably a moot point...
My understanding from friends who judged regionals was that they specifically mentioned that the power clean + front squat was acceptable precisely because it does NOT meet the standard definition of a squat clean. Typically, HQ (and other major competitions that largely model off HQs stuff) will state when non standard versions of stuff ARE allowed more than stating every weird variation that isn't.


Like a couple of people have said, a deadlift to a hang clean is a pretty dumb way to do 15.4 anyway so I guess it's mostly moot.
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