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Re: 2015 CrossFit Open, Regionals, and Games Thread

Originally Posted by Diana Alt View Post
I am not sure arguing is the right word, but I guess I am sensitive given that I am a highly experienced judge with experience programming competitions, serving as judging director, judging the Open multiple years as well numerous competitions, and judging many competitions with everything from first time competitors to elite athletes. There is a circle of people who pay a lot of attention to this stuff, and I'm one of them.

As to what is happening with thumbs down on online judging, the way I understand that is that games staff review things with sufficient thumbs down and then make adjustments. Seems like it can take some time for them t get to it though. I tend to judge in person a lot more than online though.

Having done as you have a hang clean can start from the floor for every rep.

The problem we face is HQ did not specifically define this to the nth degree.

How one cleans it doesn't matter as long as they clean it and every rep starts from the floor.

Had they been more specific it would have been great but they didn't.

At any comp I've judged or helped lead judge we always demonstrate and show what is and isn't allowed. We are very specific. Here they weren't which allows for any variation of a clean provided it starts each rep from the floor.

I don't spend time online judging. The first year we had that option I quickly realized how much of a pain it was and decided I would rather skip that and spend time with my family.
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