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Re: Stop Anthos from Taking over CrossFit

Lets say the other partner does not accept this and is still intent on selling to Anthos.

They are a Venture Capital firm. Their list of priorities are as follows

1. Profit
2. Profit
3. Profit
100. Profit

The easiest way to ensure Anthos does not want to touch us with a large stick is to show them we would rather self destruct than be under their control. Get every affiliate to sign a document that says if Anthos takes over Crossfit they will renounce their "Crossfit" title. They loose 20 million dollars as they cannot force a Crossfit affliate to do what they want if there are no "Crossfit" affiliates and we loose "Crossfit". Doing this would guarantee they would not want to invest in Crossfit and would run the other way.
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