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Re: Stop Anthos from Taking over CrossFit

All of these people saying why dont affiliates just buy out the 50% share not owned by Mr Glassman? Well if the goal of this other partner is revenge then no amount of money put forth would be accepted. I am concerned that the other partner in Crossfit does not fully understand the consequences that selling to a VC company will lead to.

Allowing people whose ONLY concern is to increase profit in a short period of time disregarding all other factors is one of the worst business decisions possible. Imagine if a VC company had taken over Apple or Microsoft in its infancy. The creative ideas by its founders would be destroyed and the founder would have to set up another business if they wanted to make their dreams come true as I cannot see Steve Jobs or Bill Gates working under somebody else who does not care about the product and their dreams and only cares about the $$$$$$$$.

The solution to this problem really is to talk to the other partner and demonstrate to "them" that selling to a VC business has the possibility of destroying everything that "they" worked so hard to set up and the need for them to sell to Crossfit Inc to ensure that we are free of entitity whose goals are much more diverse that to only increase profits. We need to make it clear that there will be more lives affected that Mr Glassman's if this sale goes ahead. Thounsands of business owners lives will be affected, the millions of Crossfitters will be affected, our partnership with Reebok will be in serious jeopardy and we face the very real possibility of Crossfit crumbling if the VC company forces a takeover of Mr Glassmans 50% in a court of law.
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