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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Monday morning and a little tired, apart from that we are both feeling quite good after a long weekend.

Plan – Head to head

Warm up
Set up what we needed for the workout and then basically warm up on the rower for a while
Some mobility, KB swings and other stuff to make sure we were ready.

20-25min I would say

Row 3km/4km for time

@ the same time

1 – 10 KB Swings 16/24kgs (35/53lb)
2 – 10 sit ups
3 – 10 KB Deadlifts 16/24kgs (35/53lb)
4 - 10 sit ups

Times =
Wife – 3km – 18.31
Myself – 4km – 21.35

It worked like this, we rotated between the movements E2MOM. I had worked it out that it we got off the rower and completed 10 reps and got back on the rower we should have roughly 1.30 left to row, which is a good amount of time to get into the flow of things. The movements work well with the row as they are very similar.

The plan was that the wife should row 75% of what I row which should make it fair. I was hoping that I would get close to her but she pushed it today and I had no chance. I did notice no matter what I did on the rower the damn thing would not speed up, I was on average 2.08 but even when I pulled a lot harder the damn thing would hardly speed up at the same strokes/min. I think It only went down to 2.04, only when I increased the stroke rate did it get to 2.00 and below!!! Not pleased with that, damn thing needs a service. The wife could have beaten the time be at least 30 seconds but she left 5 meters on the rower which meant she had to complete a round of sit ups before she could pull the last 5 meters…. That sucked but I laughed, so close yet so far.

Cool down
Clean up our mess
A good 30min on mobility and stretching.
A good amount of shoulder mobility/OHS with a PVC pipe in preparation for tomorrow
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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