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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Friday morning and no wife, she is away with work. So this morning I woke up 1hr 20min late for some reason, I either forgot to set the alarm or turned if off and went back to sleep.
I have no idea what happened.

Plan – with the wife being away I get to do what I want, so I work on movements she can’t do yet.

Warm up
Barbell warm up
Some band and pipe work

20min I would say

Wife -
Just because she is away she sent me a picture with evidence that she ran 4km in 23.42 on a treadmill at the hotel.

For myself
A light barbell complex – go through the motions and make sure everything is 100%.

10 rounds of:
1 – deadlift
1 – Power clean
1 – Clean & Jerk
1 – Power snatch
1 – Squat snatch

The barbell was only 30kgs/66lbs, I would complete a round rest 10-15 seconds and repeat. It felt nice and better after each round.

Focus on the hard stuff I have not done in a while.
Warmed up my biceps and triceps a bit

Strict Chest to rings – 6 reps (singles)
Strict Ring muscle ups – 8 reps (singles)

I set the rings up so that I had to be on my toes to reach the rings. Good solid pulls and no trouble getting up.

String HSPU – 10 reps (singles)

Full focus on hand position, no bouncing at the bottom, just light touch and push. These felt really good today

Strict pull ups – increase by 1 rep after each round

1 supinated + 1 pronated – rest as needed between rounds.

Completed rounds of 5 but only got 5+5 out of the round of 6’s total 40 strict which is not bad considering the work I already completed. No bouncing out of the bottom, short pause.

Cool down
20min stretch
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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