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when first starting out did your....?

did your feet, ankles, top part of your legs..basically hips and wrists hurt from doing padwork?

I tape up my wrists tight w/the wraps before I put the gloves on, but i'm telling you all what I dunno if my wrists are not used to it, but my right wrist which is basically my power side hurts like hell if I hit the pads the wrong way ect..

is it normal?

the feet thing I kinda expected as well as the ankles and the muscle around the hips because i'm not used to kicking ect...

also is there a good way to recover and make these limbs stronger? or is it just repetitive ish that gets them stronger over time?

but on that note, I definitely love this mma stuff...wish i could've gotten into all of this alot sooner
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