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This is an actual question and not a funny video. Today I was doing some squats, really focusing on going *** to grass on them. There are two things that I picked up on that concerned me. I had some safety bars on the power rack that I used to identify how low I was going and if need be, I could use them to bail out. Bailing out wasnt necessary with this weight, but I seemed to have a tendency to drop my right side down about an inch lower than my left, or so it seemed. Whenever I went really deep the right side of the bar would touch but the left wouldnt necessarily hit it.

A second thing I noticed was that my back was getting insanely tight. Like to the point that I would finish a set and after racking the weights I would feel temporarily unable to relax my lower back. I am positive that I wasnt rounding my back during the squats, and basically when I finished them I couldn't intentionally round it for 10-20 seconds. It was sort of weird, but I didnt notice anything beyond 'discomfort' so I figured the deep part of the squat must have been just really blasting my lower back to hell. But that still is a really weird feeling. And since I already messed up my shoulder I want to be very careful about form. I don't think the weight was too much to handle, since my form was consistant throughout the entire workout.

I think I may have been trying to go too low and as a result loosened up my torso and sunk my lower body down a bit during the bottom of the squat. This is really the only thing I can think of, I never had that sort of lower back stuff happening when I was doing slightly less than parallel box squats. Anyone have any ideas?
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