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Re: Need help with bodyweight WOD programming... any takers?

Originally Posted by Jamie J. Skibicki View Post
GOALS? What are they? Where are you refers to where you are in regards to your goals. If you want a six pack, what's your BF. If you want to deadlift 500, what is it now, etc. Also, any weaknesses you know of.
I understand now Jamie.

As posted earlier I am 5'8" and 225lbs. My main goal is to trim down. I'm hoping for the 170-180lb range. I don't need a six pack, (though it wouldn't be so bad lol) I want to be able to put on a medium shirt and feel good about it. (Don't think i've ever even owned a medium shirt). I think that i'm at a decent health level (I have very low cholesterol, my average resting heart rate is in the mid 50 to low 60's, bp averages in the high teens to mid 120's. I do a mid 7 minute mile run.) I Also want to achieve a much higher level of overall fitness

Unfortunately my BF% is a rough guesstimate as I have not received my calipers in the mail yet. Based on an online calculator 27.82% using the US NAVY calculations.

My weaknesses right now are in doing pullups/muscle ups. Also i have an old shoulder injury to the right shoulder but it really hasn't stopped me during my WOD's.

Lord don't make my load any lighter, just give me the strength to lift it.
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