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Re: Need help with bodyweight WOD programming... any takers?

Originally Posted by Matthew Reilly View Post
I see two primary problems here.
1. You're eating tons of cabs.
2. The vast majority of your protein is coming from dairy.
If you want to lose body fat, cut back on the carbs and get rid of the dairy. Focus on eating solid food (not protein shakes and yogurt). As for the greens, if you have a few cups of broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, etc. with 1-2 meals/day, you should be covered. Like you said, you should probably trying upping your protein intake as well.
Hey Matt thanks for the heads up, i agree with you as I was typing it out i was saying to myself DAMN THATS ALOT OF CARBS. I'm going to cut back on them a bit. As far as the chobani yogurt i eat it because IMHO i think it's pretty well rounded nutritional "snack" at

140 cals per serving
20g carbs
14g protein
0 Fat

please correct me if i'm wrong...

my main problem is that i'm out of the house 12 hours of the day so i have to choose foods that can remain fresh, be eaten as is, and taste decent without microwaving.

and holy crap i forgot all about broccoli... i actually enjoy broccoli so i'll definitely be adding that to my meals.

I do appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing more!
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