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Re: Need help with bodyweight WOD programming... any takers?

Originally Posted by Jamie J. Skibicki View Post
goals? where are you at? how much sleep do you get, what and how much do you eat? Why bw only?
Hello Jamie thanks for taking the time to help me out. To answer your questions.

1. Stats 5'8" 225lbs did crossfit for 6 months and fell in love. Took a rest from CF and now i'm back again.

2. When you say where are you at i'm a little confused? If you are talking about scaling workouts, I usually do the pack workouts and sometimes jump up to the porch workouts on the BrandX website. If you are talking about physique wise then my main goal is to drop some fat and reach the best fitness level I can.

3. I average 7-8 hours a night but i've pretty much had a touch of insomnia my whole life. I work 12 hour shifts (paramedic) so i usually get home and pass out so i can work out at 7am the next day.

4. I've really been focusing on my diet right now i wanted to add more fruits to my diet and i've definitely attained that goal. I also realize that I need to bump up my protein content a little bit and am working on a way to add a little more protein to my diet. My biggest issue is adding greens. Since i work on an ambulance all day (we don't go to a station) it's hard to find a way to keep veggies such as salad fresh. I might just go back to mashed sweet potato and maybe some sauted green beens.

But i'll give you todays meal plan as an example.
  • 7am Jack3D pre-workout drink and some sort of fruit (apple, banana or orange), multivitamin and Vitamin C supplement
  • 8-8:30am Post workout 1 scoop protein drink and a banana
  • 11am-12ish chobani greek yogurt
  • 2pm-3ish 1 cup cherries
  • 5pm-6ish chobani greek yogurt
  • 8pm-9ish whole wheat wrap with about 4 ounces lean ground turkey, brown rice, low fat shredded mozarella cheese. With medium sized orange
  • 10pm - 1.5 scoop protein drink then drive home and get some sleep.
The reason I say body weight only is because unfortunately because of my current living situation I do not have the financial means to afford joining an affiliate gym nor do i have the space to keep equipment such as squat racks, medicine balls, barbells, dumbbells or rings.

I am however currently saving money on a set of adjustable DB's or Kettlebells but it's going to take some time.

I currently workout at a nearby park which gives me access to a pullup bar, monkey bars, low pull up bar, parallel dip bars, balance beams and some other random park equipment. I also own a jump rope, heavy duty resistance bands (200+ lbs of resistance).

Please let me know if you need any clarification on anything. THANKS!
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