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Re: the next step.


As mentioned, CFJ 15 has a list of nutrition books to read. I think the best 2 to start with are Enter The Zone - Barry Sears and The Paleo Diet - Loren Cordain. CFJ 21 has a condensed and very practical approach to the Zone. CFJ 38 has an article by Nicole Carroll, "Getting of the Crack", which chronicles her trials, tribulations and ultimate success with the Zone.

If you are looking for performance gains, I would suggest reading CFJ 21 and implementing the Zone. If you think are lean enough already, you may want to up your fat block intake pretty quickly.

An important part of the Zone is the first few weeks or so where you should weigh and measure (WAM) everything. After a few weeks of doing this, eye-balling 4oz. of chicken becomes pretty easy.

After you've established some kind of base-line with the Zone, then (if you want) you can start modifying by going more Paleo or doing some IF. But, really, the Zone is the place to start.

The Performance Menu has a lot of good stuff, too.
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