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Re: Shane's Wrestling Strength CF Log


45xSome, 95x3, 135x2, 155x1, 175x1, 195x1, 205x1, 215x1, 225 (F, F, F), 185x1, 205x1, 225 (F)

Pretty good here. Receiving snatches nice and balanced and nice and deep which I haven't been at times. Trying to do a better job at staying over the bar longer. Most I've ever made in my garage is still just 220 so just trying to move that needle.

Clean and Jerk
135x1/2, 185x1/2, 215x1/2, 235x1/2, 255x1/2, 270x1/2

Happy here. 270 is the most I've ever hit on the clean and two jerks complex anywhere.
28/5'9"/190/Squat 207 KG/Press 89 KG/Deadlift 220 KG/Snatch 111 KG/C&J 140 KG/Log
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