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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Friday- went to calories for bucks. The gym is sending two teams and 1 master to Granite Games. Great time.


Saturday- mostly rehab on the back and shoulder.


Sunday - workout with Jeff and Corey- good warm up with rehab and warming up the hammies.

20 min Cindy time modified-
5 deficit/strict hs push ups- 4"
Carry 150 d ball 40'
10 ghd
15 aa bike
Carry 150 d ball 40'

Almost 7 rounds.
Was a little harder than I thought would be.

Cool down then coached my parents. Mothers Day brunch then up the the outlet factory to shop with the lady.


Monday AM- long warm up with hammies and shoulder rehab-
Front Squat - every 2 min- warm up 45, 95,135, 200- then 210x6,225x6, 255x2

Squat snatches- 45-175# not the best day-

Snatch 5 second pause at knee then pull- up to 235#

Every 7 min-
50 cal row
4 burpee bar mu
25' hs walk
3 ring mu-
Averaged 2-2.5 min rest

Cool down on bike with the ice jacket.


Monday pm-
Bike warm up and hammies-

Back squat- warm up to working load-
2 squats
pause on top 10 seconds
1 squat
pause on top 10 seconds
1 squat
Working sets were 245,275,295

Some plyo coupled with some db single leg split lunges. Super strict. The knees did not like that.

Finished off with some ski erg sprints- Between the 3 of us we did 2800 meters in 10 min. :30 on and 1:00 off.

Both Grand kids were over yesterday. Full day for sure.
Owner of Fran: 2:36 Diane: 2:30 Jackie 5:43 Mary 15+ rounds Helen 6:58
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