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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Tuesday was a good day off. Had 3 tough ones in a row. Trying to super compensate my recovery. My back is off right now. Will have to sort it out today more.

I looked over my notes and it said to shore up my rowing. I did this for sure. 3 powerful quick strokes up to speed or a little above then float down to desired speed and hang on relax. Then adding my better position and stroke adding the icing to the cake. I don't know how a 5k would go but I am ready for 15-50 cal per round no problem.

Rope climbs I vowed to get better at- I have done this. It is a strength now so if announced it would be good news.

I have protected some of my best exercises- Dubs, Snatch, clean, hsw, strict hspu, kipping hspu, wall balls, t2b.

Giant killers - MU and BMU- I have totally improved on them. I welcome them to the party.

50/50- thrusters- last outing was excellent, went fast under fatigue. Will hang on to that thought.

C2B- It has been a strength in the past. However 19.5 shook my faith in this. If its in rounds it will be fine. If not I will harness energy and technique them to cut the mustard to get it done.

Metcons- well I have been huffing and puffing during the workouts and after. I believe that I am closer to the capability to tap into the best Vic McQuaide ever. Its more available than ever. I have been taking workouts out. This is my plan for the MQ.

Posterior- best it's ever been. I have gotten stronger each year. I have worked this spot.

Deadlift- I picked up 435# pretty well last session. If its a max will do the best I can. I have the structure to hang in with that lift.

Hammies are good- will be good for lunges in the many forms that they have to give us.

Cycling s2o- feels good at 95-210 these days. Anything over that everyone is going to struggle.

DB snatch is on point.

I asked for help and the universe sent me many training partners. I usually do this alone against the clock. It has been a pleasure training with Corey, Kyle, Taylor, Alex, Jeff, Tony and the many others who have jumped in on a metcon.

I will be ready to rock tomorrow.

Off to sort out shoulder and back.. hehehe
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