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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Friday. Was a very long and busy day at work. 10.5 hours. Decided to put my eggs in Sat/Sun/Mon basket.

Saturday- long warm up hammies and shoulders.

Put on my lifting shoes first time in a while- Squat snatch- good warm up.
45,75,95,115,135,155,175,195 then 205 was a serious no go. I was going back and forth in my mind. But the negative side won that battle. Was a overall good form day. Will take that.

Tony, Chelle, Gabe, and some others showed up to do the workout.

15 min amrap
20 box step overs 20" with 50# db in each hand
10 bar mu
20 box step overs 20" with 50# db in each hand
15 strict hspu

2 + 22 reps. Was a grinder for sure. Gabe who did 24" and is a beast did 2+ 40ish. I could have just grinded harder thru the box step overs. The grip was a limiter for sure.

Bar mu were good- 7/3 and 5/3/2
Strict HSPU were the easy part of the workout- 9/6 and 9/6.

Cool down then max cal :60 ski erg- Gabe killed it 36, I averaged 2k and got 32, Tony 28 cal. Was fun but I was happy to average 1:30 per 500. 333 meters in :60 I will take it.


Sunday good warm up-
Double db #50 ground to overhead
24" box jump overs
5:55 or so. Was a serious grinder. I started with snatching them but then turned to clean and jerking them.

Cindy ish-
20 min
5 burpees over the erg
10 glute ham raises
15 cal- best rowing ever- new style is working. 1150-1500 the whole way.
9 rounds even.


Monday- back was not the best-
9 min emom
15 ski cal
15 kb swings 35# warm up
Bar complex for clean

EMO :90 power clean- 45-225# back was not loving it.

Did some rehab and then did the class workout-

4 rft
15 s2o- 95#
2 15' rope climbs

Blitzed this workout- 3:45rx. Taylor as at 4:30. Happy about this sprint workout.

500 meters
rest :60
350 meters
rest :60
250 meters
rest 3 min
2 rounds-
Averaged 1:45 the whole time happy about the rowing.

Overall good 3 days. 2 days till MQ. Always the mind plays tricks like You should have worked on your c&j's more. You should have safe guarded your max lifts more. ETC so many things but I have to believe that tapping into more effort during the energy and trusting my God given talents will carry me thru the MQ again. I have to remember my Q's and settle into my Why when the workout punches you in the face. Part of me wants some wheelhouse but then the other part enjoys the challenge. What ever happens I wish to fell like I did my best. And have fun!
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