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Wed- just shoulder and back rehab and chill. Nice meal, movie and finally got about 8 hours of rest. I have retreated to my office apartment. It just me. No baby crying, germin everything up. My GF said she understood that I need to get 100% healthy. 1 week till MQ should be good.


Q's and the meaning.

Break This Army- from a bad *** movie quote

down to just you 2 who wants it- my coach reminds me when I had a big lead at the games event #4 and lulled myself to sleep letting Jerry Hill the champ beat me with no push back

Its a good technique day if you want it to be- just the other day I was warming up MU and thought this is not the best day actually I was like its a bad day. Then I thought well when the timer starts I can get moving better and more into it. I did a few MU in front of my coach. She said to keep my legs together more.. bango bingo.. the best day ever.

Smile- that can change a workout when its going bad. If it keeps on going bad you just try to enjoy it. The mind is strong. When I don't enjoy the workout I am susceptible to soreness and it beating me up mentally. Remember if you try to have fun then you have a better chance in having fun.

Hula-hoop a bit. In the open with the scheduled rest I actually did some.

Every reps or second counts. I think back to 2016 MQ when I was like 1 point out of going to the games. 1 second, rep or lb would have done it.

Cindy- well she is a dear sole to me and her passing gets me emotional. When I am in that state something opens inside of me and lets Gods power take over.

Top 3 is the goal. My goal is to make top 3 in the MQ. So I will have to continue to push.

Trifecta- I am the only one who can get this. Being the Granite Games and WZA champ. Only thing left is the games top step. So I have to get thru the qualifiers.

Enjoy this- comes along the ways of trying to have fun. Enjoy the community, enjoy God given gifts, enjoy the loved ones.

Count them down- I love it when the crowd counts down the reps. I gets the competitive juices flowing for sure.

Close the show-

Anytime someone wants to come watch me I feel that I am not worthy of this. Or I will not do that well and disappoint them. I have to work on this for sure.
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