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Re: Jason's Workout Log

Week 5 (3/19 - 3/25)

A. 1 Squat Snatch + 1 Above Knee Hang Squat Snatch per min x 10 mins - 5 @ 60kg, 5 @ 65kg - completed no misses felt snappy tonight on these
B. Front Squats, 3 fast reps per min x 5 mins - start @ 80kg, add 5 kg per min - completed, mindful of low back and hips leftover form 18.4
C. Prep/Warm-up
D. 3 sets @ 85-90%:
15 cal AirBike
15 Thrusters @ 95lbs
15 Chest to Bar
15 cal AirBike
3-5 min Walk/Recovery
*Aim for same time per set, pace it out on set 1/2 3:35, 3;30, 3:25 - went UB on the thrusters each set, 8-7, 12-3, UB on C2B bike was around 65 rpm. I saw everyone else doing these this week and now feel like I was a little slow. Long day at work but was able to grind it out
E. 5-10 min Rowing EZ
5 minutes here, I was done

4 rounds @ 85-90%/High Effort:
30 sec Wall Balls @ 20lbs to 10ft - 15’s
30 sec Walk
30 sec AirBike - 12 calories each time, 75rpm and up
30 sec Walk
30 sec Burpee Box Jump Overs @ 24” - 8 each time, not bad
30 sec Walk
30 sec Rowing - 12 calories each time tried for 1500+cal/hr each set
30 sec Walk
30 sec Double Unders - 55
30 sec Walk
30 sec KBS @ 24kg - 15’s
30 sec Walk
5-10 min Rowing EZ
10 minutes here tonight, 2400m, 2:05/500m pace

A. Back Squat, work to a moderate set of 5 - maybe 70-75% RM - 110kg (mostly because I have no idea what my 1RM is anymore)
B. 1 Power Snatch + 1 Above Knee Hang Power Snatch every 40 sec x 6 sets - 3 @ 50kg, 2 @ 60kg, 1 @ 70kg - completed, clipped myself warming up and cut my forehead open, blood everywhere good times. Last one I only did the PS not the HPS
C. 1 Power Clean + 1 Above Knee Hang Power Clean every 40 sec x 6 sets - 3 @ 75kg, 2 @ 85kg, 1 @ 95kg - completed, same as above only the PC on the last set.
D. Prep/Warm-up
E. 18.5 Prep - Email me for help if needed
I emailed you and will take that advice. I did this session on Saturday before the other piece as by the time I got home Friday night it was late (7pm) and I had a very long day and week at work already.

7 min AMRAP
Thrusters 100#
C2B pull ups
124 reps, really pleased to close out the Open with a strong effort. My forearms blew up, a day later and my legs are trashed
Rest As Needed
10 min EZ:
2:30 min Rowing @ 900 cal/hr @ Damper 1
2:30 min AirBike @ 60 RPM
I did 10 easy minutes of the bike while trying to combat the “Fran cough”

5 sets @ 85-90%:
1,600m AirBike
50 Double Unders
500m Rowing
Rest Same As Work Time
completed each round in 5:00. This was part of my Saturday session, I did the Open on Sunday

And thus concludes my CF season 2018, by far the most fun I have had competing in a while. So happy to be able to be involved again with the big community event that is the Open, was able to judge and watch people get their first HSPU, C2B and MU and watch people do way more than they thought possible, including myself a couple times....I love doing this and see no reason why I would stop. Going to stay healthy keep getting in my solid five sessions a week and look for more opportunities to get out with guys my age and throw down. My days as a high-level guy (even locally) are done but that does not mean I can't keep enjoying myself. I will train again to do the Open in 2019 and who knows, maybe even qualify for the Masters Q, I do know I will enjoy the process and have a blast doing it.
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