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Re: Jason's Workout Log

Week 4 (3/12 - 3/18)

A. Deadlift, work to a moderate effort touch n go set of 10 - 100kg, actually felt pretty good
B. Thrusters, 10 fast reps per min x 5 mins - start @ 40kg, add 5kg per min - this didnít quite happen, I broke the last two sets and had to take two minutes to get to the last one. Just wasnít happening, been a while since I did many thrusters
C. Complete 1 round @ High Effort every 2:30 min x 6 sets:
1st - 20 cal AirBike + 15 Chest to Bar
2nd - 20 cal AirBike + 15 Kipping HSPU
made it, all UB had about 45-50s to spare each time out. Happy with how it went.
D. EMOM x 10 mins:
1st - 30 sec Supinated Grip Ring Rows @ 20X0 - 10ís
2nd - 30 sec Hand Release Push-ups - 10ís
When I mentioned to you that I was bagged for this I forgot to mention that on my way home from work I came within 2 seconds of getting hit by a guy who blew through a stop sign and could have killed me. I guess the adrenaline must have sapped it out a bit too.

5 rounds @ 85-90%/High Effort:
30 sec Wall Balls @ 20lbs to 10ft - 15ís
30 sec Walk
30 sec AirBike - give or take 11 calories each time, ended with 57 total
30 sec Walk
30 sec Rowing - 11 calories each time, rowed close to 1400 cal/hr each time
30 sec Walk
5 min Walk
5 rounds @ 85-90%/High Effort:
30 sec Box Jump Overs @ 24Ē - land on top on the way over - 13-13-14-14-15
30 sec Walk
30 sec AirBike - better this go, was always at 75 rpm and hit 63 total calories
30 sec Walk
30 sec Rowing - 11-12-12-12-13 calories
30 sec Walk
EMOM x 10 mins:
5 min - 10ft HS Walk every 30 sec
5 min - 30-45 sec FLR on Rings
completed, did 35 first and then 40s each set on the FLR and HS walks went well no issues. I felt crappy and tired heading into this today but once I warmed up and got going and a couple sets in I felt so much better and really had a nice training session. I pushed on the movements when I could and was proud of the effort.

A. Back Squat @ 40X1, work to a moderate effort set of 3 - nothing heavy
B. 3 Above Knee Hang Power Snatch every 1:30 min x 5 sets - start @ 40kg, add 5 kg per set
C. 3 Above Knee Hang Power Clean every 1:30 min x 5 sets - start @ 60kg, add 5kg per set
D. EMOM x 10 mins:
1st - 3 Paused Split Jerks - start @ 40kg, add 10kg per round
2nd - 10 tough Parallel Grip Ring Rows @ 20X0
E. EMOM x 20 mins:
1st - 10 Right Leg DB Russian Step-up onto 22Ē @ Moderate
2nd - 30 sec AirBike @ 60 RPM
3rd - 10 Left Leg DB Russian Step-up onto 22Ē @ Moderate
4th - 30 sec AirBike @ 60 RPM
None of this session happened, poor scheduling and sore lower back.....

DL @ 225#
DL @ 315#
50í HS walk in between
105 reps completed (15/21 DLs at 315#) First part was relatively simple and maybe went a little too slow. The second weight on the DL was just heavy. Low back was fatigued etc. Kind of glad I didnít have time for more. Really sore low back and hamstrings the following 2 days.
Rest As Needed
20 min EZ:
2:30 min Rowing @ 900 cal/hr @ Damper 1
2:30 min AirBike @ 60 RPM

10 sets @ Increasing Effort Per Set:
15 cal Rowing
15 cal AirBike
1:30 min Walk
*Set 1 EZ
*Faster Per Set
*Set 10 Fast
2:30, 2:20, 2:12, 2:05, 2:00, 1:55, 1:50, 1:45, 1:40, 1:27 - I sped up each set on the rower and the bike first set was maybe a little too slow and last set was pretty fast, FYI low back and hamstrings were sore, felt better afterwards
Rest As Needed
EMOM x 10 mins:
1st - 30 sec Left Side Bridge
2nd - 30 sec Right Side Bridge

So there were two things that I was somewhat concerned about. One was heavy snatching and the other was ascending DLs of any sort. So 18.4 was met with a bit of trepidation. If you look in my log you will not the serious lack of Doing in general the past 18 months. Not done a lot and it showed. I tried desperately during the 315# DLs to use my butt and hamstrings but ultimately my lower back had other ideas. Positioning was good just the way it goes. Been sore since Friday night (it's now Monday) but improved a bunch. Not a great event for me but did the best I could and stayed safe. About 2 years ago I would have been chomping at the bit to try some 315# DLs again, maybe one day again I will think the same thing. Should definitely have tried huge sets on the HSPUs to give myself more time.
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