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Ross Hunt
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How do you all eat when you want to put on lean body mass? The metabolic cost of the WODs has taken its toll and I'm losing bodyweight; I'd like to see the scale swing back in the other direction.

I don't like the idea of gaining muscle mass by spiking insulin, so I'm planning on trying to create a calorie surplus by adding lots of monounsaturated fat to my normal meals rather than by adding more high-Insulin-Index carbs to my post-workout meal. Here's the plan:

Post-workout meal (first meal of the day):
High Insulin-Index carbs, high biologic value protein. Enough calories to fully recover, but not enough to send me into a stupor for hours. I would skip this meal on rest days.
4-6 more meals:
Lots and lots of protein and monounsaturated fat, only extremely low-Insulin-Index carbs.

Does anyone have a better idea, or have any instructive experience they're willing to share?


Ross Hunt
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