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Re: Best SS + CF hybrid?

Originally Posted by Erik Eliassen View Post
About my goals, I guess we could say my number one goal at the time is to gain mass and strength. I want to make sure I dont reduce my times on the MetCons though. Not by too much anyway. I havent even done CF long enough to have done a WOD worse than last time it came up.

I am also a bit interested in training skills like the muscle-up, which I have been doing every now and then. HSPU and stuff like that is fun too, but if I want to do HSPU's I might want to do that instead of shoulder press one day I guess? So much stuff to think about..
Honestly it doesn't sound like you've accrued enough conditioning to handle "all of it". I recommend you do 3 days of SS, 2 days of 1 fight class each, and 2 days of rest, until your strength base is at a competitive level. This is generally 2xBW Deadlift, 1.5xBW Squat, BW Bench Press, BW Power Clean, and .75 BW Press. And eat like you're getting paid by the calorie.
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