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Not at all. Search the boards. I think Eugene A. talked about this fairly recently. Places have to pay a disposal fee, so they're happy to give them away to you. (But keep that in mind if you're going to have to get rid of it sometime.)

Like this:
" can go to a place that sells tractor tires and get a big tire for free...assuming you have a place to keep such a thing. You can use the tire to flip, roll, hit with a sledgejammer and of course to do jumps on. I have a workout called Road Rage we do with a big tire and two 25 pound D-balls. One D-ball on each side of the tire with room enough to flip it. Do a burpee on the ball, stand with the ball to a full squat clean, stand and jerk the ball overhead, slam the ball and then immediately jump on the tire. Jump back off, flip the tire over, jump into the tire, jump out the other side to the other ball. That was one. Now do that 10 times and you've got yourself quite a lung scorcher. Not exactly an entry level event but a great use of a tractor tire. ..."

(Try "big tire free" and the like for search terms. Someone else mentioned to look for places that sell/change bus and commercial truck tires.)

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