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Re: hitting a wall

Hi Dustin,

yes, i'm most focus on strength, it seems to be limiting everything else at the moment, i can't do a single WOD at Rx, but at lighter weights i seem to cope e.g. DT @ 95lb i finished in a respectable 11minutes, i doubt i'd have finished at all at Rx'd.

i was previously using 5x5 but stopped after i hit around 255 on squat, not sure why. i also did 1 cycle of 5/3/1 (and i read about 8/6/3 but haven't tried it yet). in summary, i've got 0 programming at this stage, my training broadly consists of 5x5 trying to increase the weight each set.

usually i'll do something like -
day 1 squat; deadlift; shoulder press; assistance work; WOD
day 2 squat; bench; Cleans; snatches; assistance work
day 3 squat; pullups; back rows; assistance work; WOD

or something to that effect...writing it down, i now see it's actually pretty crap.
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