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hitting a wall

i've been doing crossfit now for over a year and have been very pleased with the results, but i've recently been hitting a plateau and could do with some advice on how to get past it.

31years young
183-6lbs (i've been around this weight for over a year)

stats -
strict pull ups 7-8
Clean185lb, with jerk its only about 125
squat (full ROM) 275lb 1RM
press - 95-105
bench - 195 1RM
deadlift 295/305 ish

diet -
lots of meat and veg, but not paleo and no where near decent, i'm already working on this.
protein shake after each workout. pre-workout drink.

training cycle -
monday - thursday - powerlifting style focusing on big lifts and oly lifts, sometimes supplementing supporting work around weak joints (e.g. front raise, lat raise for weak shoulders// leg curls for hemstrings)
usually followed on odd days with a crossfit-style WOD of some sort.
1-2 hours.

rest day on friday, occasionally thursday

saturday -
Crossfit - 1-2 hours including 1 WOD.

Sunday -
oly lifting class 2 hours

i'm unable to change my workout routine too much as my work means that it's very unpredictable when my next workout can be, so i end up going as much as i can, as frequently as i can, incase the next day i can't go for a week or more.

my work hours typically limit me to working out around 7-8pm, meaning i don't eat dinner till around 9/10pm and i sleep around 12pm getting up at 7am (8am if i'm lucky)
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