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Re: Post workout crash! How important are post workout meals?

I concur with Dr. G. I intermittent fast, 90% Paleo, usually eating my first meal of the day between 1:00 and 4:00, and often after a high intensity morning WOD. I think I'm actually less hungry mid-day than if I ate PWO.

Amusingly, I was taking a YMCA personal training class on Friday and was fasting, having completed Nicole at 7:00 that morning. Snacks were available such as granola bars, peanuts, etc. About 4:00, the other participants and the instructor were having trouble focusing, such as reading the overhead slides out loud. The instructor was telling us how important a "balanced" diet was and how the brain needs carbs for fuel. Meanwhile, I'm the oldest and most alert person there, working on an 18 hour fast!

Dr. G's point about intensity is also important. I know I can't go all out every WOD, but I thought that was more due to age (48).

Ditto Brandon's advice. You can't perform for long on less than optimal sleep.
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