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In just weeks of doing CF...

For a long time, I had a "sore shoulder." I thought maybe it was from falling off my motocross bike once too many times, so I saw Doctors, spent money on 'scripts, and generally got nowhere. Meanwhile, I was busy doing my workout routine that was, basically, chest/tri, back/shoulder/bi, legs/abs twice each every week with various cardio every day, resting on Sundays.

I was pointed to CF and started a couple weeks ago. While I am no "beast" by CF standards, I am definitely one to not leave anything on the table when I go work out. With all the pullups, dips, HSPU, and evil thrusters I've done in that time, I am shocked that I don't have shoulder pain anymore!

Just a few weeks ago, unassisted dips were not possible b/c they hurt so much. Yesterday I did over 60 doing the WOD (pullups and dips subbed for MU)!

I can't thank CF enough for the improvement this has made in my quality of life - my shoulder was affecting everything, even trying to fall asleep at night!

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