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First thing, it would have been more helpful to you if you posted this before you did another pullup workout. :happy:

Give it a day or two more to resolve. It is likely DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), which typically peaks in intensity 48 hours post workout and fades away over the next couple of days after that. The fact that you were able to do another pullup workout within a couple of days is another sign that this was DOMS.

Many other CFers were sore from that workout, it is a lot of pullups, no matter what your strength is!

You might want to ease off on pullups until the soreness goes away, the next time it shouldn't be as bad. That being said, soreness is often a part of CF post-workout aftermath, as we do so many different movements (that create different soreness patterns) in a randomized manner.
Don't try to make yourself sore (that's not smart), and don't be surprised when it happens (it will).

If you are new to muscle soreness and this turns out to be some, note exactly how it feels. This will help you when you come to the board in the future--saying "pain" and "soreness" mean two very different things to those in the know. It all "hurts", knowing what kind of hurt is the most important factor for those who can help you.
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