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Re: Can you still compete if you are unable to do a particular movement in the 2012 O

I think last year it meant you were DQ'd. The reason had more to do with what could be submitted than an actual rule, so this could change.

Basically, I think it didn't allow you to enter "0" for a number of reps, rounds, ect. So if you could do only one rep of the C&J event at 165 you could continue, but if 165 was above your 1RM you were out. Same for the event with the DL & double-unders, I think you had to finish the first round to move on. On the other hand, the event with the muscle-up and OHS was counted by number of reps only, and burpees were first, so even if you couldn't do a single OHS or muscle-up rep you were ok because you'd get a score just from the burpees. a LOT of the competitors didn't finish the first round of that one.

Really though, if you're in danger of DNFing an event you're obviously doing it for fun, so why not do the workouts anyway? Who cares if it's posted to a board somewhere?
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