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Re: Food / Nutrition Movies?

Originally Posted by Ash Smith View Post
Anyone seen "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead?" Netflix has it on streaming and the story sounds interesting, even if a juicing-only diet is a little too esoteric for the average person. I've got it in my queue, but didn't know if anyone else had heard of it. (WFS)

Overweight Australian filmmaker Joe Cross attempts to wrestle back control of his failing health during a cross-country trek in which he engages everyday Americans in discussions about food and obesity in this lighthearted documentary addressing a deadly serious subject. Clocking in at 310 pounds and pumped full of steroids to battle a debilitating autoimmune disorder, Cross realized that he would soon be dead if he didn't make some major lifestyle changes. But pharmaceuticals were only treating his symptoms, and no doctor seemed capable of providing the long-term care and support it would take to turn his life around. Desperate, Cross loads up his car with a juicer and a generator, and pledges to survive on nothing but fresh fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days. Not long after his journey begins, Cross quickly realizes that he's well on his way to ending his growing dependence on prescription drugs. His body has begun to heal itself, and as the process continues, Cross attempts to prove just how empowering it can be to take responsibility for our own health.
It is a great movie, not something I would personally do but it is very inspirational and definitely worth the time to watch it.
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