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Re: Food / Nutrition Movies?

From the other thread, I enjoyed "Fat Head" -- it's an unofficial rebuttal to the flaws in Super Size Me. He basically proves that you can lose weight and lower your cholesterol while eating almost solely at McDonald's--you just have to watch your calories and carbs. In other words, he pokes giant holes in the vilification of McDonald's while emphasizing personal responsibility. It's big on the lipid hypothesis and the flaws behind it, so it's very much in line with a lot of the ideas I've seen popularized via Crossfit (eg Paleo)

It also gets into some of the political issues of trying to regulate what we eat at the governmental level, so it's got a very neutral/libertarian bent to it. Somewhat humorous, although the filmmaker comes off as a bit dorky and annoying.

(EDIT: I now realize that I shouldn't have typed so much. Thanks, Todd!)
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