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Strength goals achieved...7 months of CFFB

Just wanted to make a post, since I finally reached my short-term strength goals of a 500 lb deadlift and 400 lb squat. When I started CFFB in APril @ 6'3" 195 lb, my lifts were:

Squat- 205
Deadlift- 315
OH Press- 95 (I was coming off shoulder surgery)
Bench- 135 (Again, shoulder surgery)
Power Clean- 135

I tested 1 RM lifts this weekend at BW 225 lb, and they were:

Squat- 405
Deadlift- 510
OH Press- 175(still weak, but improving)
Bench- 290
Power Clean- 235
I even ran a 5k with my girl a few weeks back in 21:12

I'm pretty excited I got these numbers. I didn't think I could keep linear progression going for so long. I did put on a decent amount of body-weight during this time(which I intended to do), but it was almost all muscle with very little fat so can't complain. I ate 6,500-7,000 calories/day(not paleo), so at least it paid off. I'm probably going to keep bulking through the winter and see where I can get these strength numbers, and lean up/improve conditioning for the spring/summer. Now time for a week off from the gym, and much needed vacation!!

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