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Corey Tomala
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Re: Hot tub right after working out or eating

Thanks for the advice guys. I'll switch to eating straight afterwards and also work in cold stuff. The ice bath is going to be interesting. Saving that one for next weekend.

Steven, for the workouts, I should have explained that more. I with the Army now (in the Navy though), and they PT M thru F every morning. Since the gym is usually packed and doing a Crossfit style workout isn't always an option, I usually do some cardio or something in the morning, and then do my Crossfit workout in the afternoon. That's where the two-a-days come from. It's not every day by any means, and I sometimes I only work out 5 times a week. My goal is to keep active though almost everyday.

Katherine, agreed on the draining feeling. Having that drained feeling was a reason I was wondering if I was doing myself more harm then good.

Thomas, I just got myself a shaker bottle and I plan on using that from time to time after workouts. I typically hate protein shakes, but I'm going to give them another shot.

I think I'll save the hot tub trips for pure enjoyment instead muscle recovery.

Again, thanks for the advice.

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