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Last Thursday I read an interesting Reuters article about a test that may more accurately predict who will develop colon cancer. The researchers (Brigham and Women's Hospital & Harvard Medical School) looked for high levels of C-peptide, an indicator of INSULIN production. Those with high C-peptide levels (and subsequently high insulin production) had triple the risk of developing colorectal cancer. Further, the researchers mention a high C-peptide reading suggests hyperinsulinemia. C-peptide levels are higher among people who are overweight, inactive, eat lots of red meat and high fat dairy products and refined grains. One of the researchers is directly quoted as attributing an increased risk of colorectal cancer to long term elevation of insulin levels resulting from long term exposure to a Western diet.

The evidence continues to pile up for exercise & paleo food selection. Here's to being the healthiest 100 year old on the block (in about 70 years)!
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