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Re: Suzanne's CrossFit Extravaganza

warm up

400 m slow run

Group WOD

Minute one : 10 meter sprint
Minute two: 20 meter sprint
Minute three: 30 meter sprint
Minute four: 40 meter sprint
Minute five : 50 meter sprint
Mintue six: 60 meter sprint
Minute seven: 70 meter sprint
Minute eight: 80 meter sprint
Minute nine: 90 meter sprint
Minute ten: 100 meter sprint

These were done suicide style

Then did Manmakers with 15# DB each minute, adding a pushup each round as in:

Minute one: pushup, row right and left, squat clean, thruster
Minute two: pushup, row right and left, pushup, row right and left, squat clean, thruster

Could not finish round #7. Those were hard, especially after all the sprinting.

Cool down

Double unders- 3 sets of 20
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