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Re: Suzanne's CrossFit Extravaganza

CrossFit Total

Had not done the total in a while and was hoping for some PR's. Only got one today and lost 5# on the other two. ??? Anyway, here are my results:

Squat 145#
Press 60#
Deadlift 215# PR

Total 420#

The squat was absolutely atrocious! Got stuck at the bottom and it got way ugly getting it back up, but I did. I could hear Coach Rip groaning from 4 states away. But-I counted it. Now I am not so sure that my PR of 150 was below parallel......

Press. Geez, what the heck is wrong with my press? I basically don't have one! Have had a shoulder injury for a few months which has made it difficult to work on anything heavy, so I guess that doesn't help.

Deadlift was good. Got a PR today of 215#! WHooHoo! 220# might as well have been nailed to the floor though. I think it has to be mental. Well, at least I am still seeing progress in one lift anyway.

Tomorrow I will rest for sure.
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